Monday, June 11, 2007


Okay, so we've been total slackers. The to-do list I posted last week? Well, we've done one of those things, sort of. I emailed the potential DJ this a.m. about meeting up. Hopefully tonight we can confirm the photog we want to go with and arrange a meeting with him. Hopefully.

We did do a little rehearsal-dinner research this weekend, picking up info from a couple of restaurants about the possibility of a taco or fajita bar (fun!). I also go info on the pricing for getting your hair done at this recommended place. I don't know what I was imagining but it cost a little more than I thought, considering the area and that it's just for styling ($35 trial run, $45 day-of). There are a couple of other places I may check out, and I'm thinking I might book a hair cut at whatever place comes out on top, just to make sure I like it before booking.

And, that's about it. Tonight--save the dates. Cross your fingers.

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