Tuesday, June 5, 2007

getting out of beach-mode

Well it's tough to switch from week-at-the-beach to weekly grind. So far the only "to-do" we've checked off this week is just a little while ago I booked a discount rate at the Holiday Inn in Keene. $10 more per night than the Best Western, but we didn't have to give a set number of rooms and the price doesn't expire. Two good things. When we get the real web site up and running I'll have those links and info on there, as well as some other nice inns and options in the area.

The to-dos for the week?
1. finish save the dates (half left to make and mail)
2. call/email the dj to talk nitty-gritty & hopefully book
3. talk to the potential photog about meeting
And over this week or the next...
1. figure out where to do some dress shopping ... and when
2. book meeting to figure out the details of our event and ... best part ... TASTE CAKES!

Today I leave you with this lovely photo as a centerpiece inspiration