Monday, June 25, 2007

I've got something to wear!

I went dress shopping with Adrienne, Katie, and Marissa this weekend ... a great team, we all had a good laugh and it was a fun time. Most importantly, I found my dress! I'm going back Wednesdady to order it and get measured and all of that. I am SO thrilled. Not posting it because something's gotta be a surprise for Tim right?

We've also registered now at Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrel. Both places the people were great and helpful and offered us drinks. It was fun. I do not, however, recommend registering at Linens N Things. We waited around awhile to be helped by a grumpy lady who told us LNT is "playing down" the registry .... oooookay. So we scrapped that and went to BB&B where the people were great.

We've received a few invitation samples, it's definitely worth seeing them in person rather than just online. It's nice to feel them and see what people will actually get. I'm excited to get the next 2 batches of them and then really narrow it down

Cake tasting is this Friday!