Wednesday, August 29, 2007

back and forth ... and back, and forth

Last Friday we went up to the area to show my dad the Shattuck, look around for an RD location, and check out the hotels. After all of the run around with the historical society we were also still in need of a site for our Rehearsal Dinner. We found a lovely restaurant to host our rehearsal dinner. About 20 minutes from Keene, and 10 minutes from our venue. Nice owners willing to work with us and accomodate. It wasn't perfect (we'd rather something closer to Keene), but they were definitely free, and nice.

On our way out of Keene we stopped at a "camp" (a large house on a lake) owned by the college. We'd checked it out once before but Tim wasn't impressed. This time it was a brighter day and we were able to see into the house more with our noses pressed against the windows in the doors. We loved it. About 5 minutes from the hotels, a picturesque setting, and we wouldn't have to worry about taking over half their business for the night (like we would with the other place) because it would just be us. To our good fortune, the place was free!

Now, we just need to find caterer. Unfortunately, because it's owned by the college we need to use a caterer who has an off-site liquor license if we'd like to have a bar. Not that we have to have a bar, but ... I'd like to offer beer & wine. It's a celebratory dinner, after all! Our top choice restaurant doesn't have one, but when we called them up they were a little sketchy anyways ... no, they don't have a menu, oh it's for a rehearsal dinner? What's your budget? Hmmmm ... we felt like we were going to get royally screwed.

So ... now we've got to call the one place that does have an off site license, and if they're not free/reasonable we've got to see if there are companies who are licensed to do bartending.

Do you know a place in South Western NH that offers anything like that?

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