Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Things not to do if you get business by word-of-mouth

We had our #1 choice for photographer all set to go. This was based on good photos, the right prices, and a recommendation from a friend. Great. Except the guy had all these problems about getting together to meet people. I don't think it's crazy to want to meet the guy who might shoot your wedding ... make sure he's friendly and not awkward and we feel comfortable with him. Well, we definitely didn't feel comfortable with the fact that we offered to meet him somewhere pretty out of our way, thinking it would be convenient for him, and then he said he now charges $50 to meet people. Are you kidding me? We are potentially giving you over $1,000 and you want us to pay you $50 for 20 minutes of your time, and somewhere totally inconvenient for us? Jerky, no thanks. Luckily this happened and so we hadn't met with him and hadn't given him our deposit or anything when he sent a jerky reply to a simple email request from a friend looking for a copy of a photo from a party.

Look at all the business he just lost ... next year when the event he shot at work comes around, he won't be hired. He lost the opportunity to shoot my wedding, and therefore lost the chance for me to recommend him to friends. Etc. etc.

Luckily the person we loved before he was recommended to us is still free. Hopefully we can meet her briefly next week and hopefully we love her as much as we love her photos and that will be another big checkmark on the list!

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