Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Learning to Prioritize, Not Procrastinate

We can both loose ourselves in looking at countless invitations online, but haven't gotten around to narrowing down our photog selections .... everytime I think I've narrowed it down, a few more come out of the woodwork. It's easy to knock out the ones that are way out of our price range, but then there are the rest ... okay & affordable, better but much pricier, and those whose websites have a nice design but their pictures don't seem to load. I'm going to have to cut myself off and make a pro/con spreadsheet ... or something.

Then there's the DJ problem ... how do you even go about selecting one? I guess it's a matter of meeting with people and seeing if you like them, which will have to wait until after vacation. Tim's research came up with a guy a good $200 under our budget, which would be excellent. More $ for other stuff!

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